Flash Memory and DRAM Innovations by Innodisk

Innodisk is a service-driven provider of flash memory, DRAM modules, embedded peripherals and software solutions for industrial and enterprise applications. They continue to bring the most innovative products to a range of industries by developing outstanding proprietary technologies. Here are a few examples of Innodisk’s breakthroughs and innovations:

Cableless Power – Pin 7/ Pin8

Innodisk’s patented Pin 7 and Pin 8 SATA power technologies take the cableless concept to the next step by eliminating the need for power cables. This provides a 100% cableless, shock-resistant, space saving plug-and-play storage solution that optimizes airflow and makes the best use of limited board space in embedded and rack-mount server systems.


iSMART is a powerful, easy-to-use SSD and HDD health monitoring tool. It allows system integrators to track important disk information, such as temperature, storage space, bad blocks, lifespan and firmware, all under one platform. With iSMART, system integrators can better manage disk usage and know exactly when to replace a disk before the end of its life cycle.


iCell is a smart data protection technology that is built into Innodisk’s SSDs. iCell is crucial for mission-critical applications, where working under extreme conditions and without backup power is unavoidable. Our iCell technology provides a mechanism to instantaneously discharge data stored in temporary volatile DRAM buffers to flash storage, to ensure the safety of data during power failures.

Passive Cooling

SSDs may easily lose data due to overheating. Innodisk has redesigned the cable layout by using copper to separate the controller and flash. This reduces the thermal conductivity rate and enhances data retention.

iPower Guard™

Innodisk’s ‘Power on Protection’ is a new circuit protection feature that is designed to both allow uninterrupted SSD functionality in an inconsistent power supply situation, as well as provide accelerated boot-up for emergency startups or system shutdowns.

Stable Power Control

Innodisk’s stable power control is used to optimize power circuits and establish OCP/OVP mechanisms to prevent electronic components from burning out due to voltage and/or current surges.


iSLC is Innodisk’s exclusive technology designed to ensure longer-lasting and more reliable performance than conventional MLC NAND flash. Through the use of flash management algorithms, iSLC improves SSD endurance by up to 20,000 cycles, increasing the lifespan to at least 7 times longer than MLC-based solutions.

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Source: Innodisk Corporation