Creating solutions

that work for you

Creating solutions

that work for you

Experts in the full range of Human-Machine Interface technologies.

Our highly-experienced Technical Sales & Support personnel know exactly which components best speak our clients’ language.


Displays are part of our everyday life. They are essential Human-Machine Interface technologies that we use constantly for work and recreation. Displays come in many different sizes, shapes and formats – we supply all these variations. Our experienced team will work with you to develop and supply the perfect solution for your project. Each Eurocoin display maybe supplied with or without Touch to match your exact requirements.


Our Touchscreen glass systems can be configured to provide the exact human-machine touch interaction you require. Designs can be customised with glass finishes, colours and special coatings. Single-touch or multi-touch technologies are available.

Eurocoin Components Inc. is an official Agent for the full range of touch sensor technologies manufactured by Zytronic Displays Ltd.


Eurocoin Components offer a complete range of ticket and printing solutions to our machine manufacturing and operating clients. We provide complete integration and development support for every printer project.

Currency Handling

Eurocoin stock, supply and support a wide range of world-class currency validation hardware devices for any machines, kiosks or retail operations that require the secure validation of banknotes, coins, tickets and tokens.


Our card reader range has been developed for manufacturers looking for a feature-rich, durable and cost-effective solution. Eurocoin offer a variety of Card Handling modules, which can be built in to any kiosk or device requiring a card to be securely read, or vended to a customer.


Eurocoin are an official Symcode Business Partner for their entire range of barcode scanners, miniscan and scan engines. We have led the way for European manufacturers and operators to incorporate Symcode barcode scanners into their retail kiosks, video lottery terminals, betting terminals and a variety of industrial applications.


We can find the perfect solution for your embedded computing needs with our trusted partners. We offer a wide range of single board computers, motherboards, panel PCs, ICs, flash memories and more.


We provide ARM MPU and MCU based main board to meet customer’s embedded application and to reduce the development time.


TITO Tickets and thermal paper rolls are both major product lines supplied by the Eurocoin Group from our offices across Europe. We are the major supplier of  TITO Tickets in the region, offering both TO-381N and TM 1075 approved quality thermal paper tickets in book sizes of 200, 400 and 600.


We offer the full industrial battery range of Renata including standard 3V coin cells, tabbed batteries and different types of batter holders for a wide spectrum of memory backup power sources and different applications in the computer and automotive industries, telecommunications, medical industry and in an increasing variety of portable devices.

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