Our Team

Eurocoin Components Inc. is a proud member of the Eurocoin Group of companies. The Canada-based business is headed by Managing Director Colin Veitch, who has been instrumental in establishing the trusted Eurocoin brand across North America since the early 1980s.

Our Eurocoin Group international team work together seamlessly to provide the highest levels of support and service to our highly-valued global client base.



Nick Veitch

Director – Eurocoin Group

Location: UK

Email: nick.veitch@eurocoin.co.uk

Nick is CEO of the Eurocoin Group and has overseen its growth and development since the 1980’s.

“We are very proud of the great Team that we have assembled and the many friends we have made across Europe.”


Colin Veitch

Director – Eurocoin Group

Location: London, UK

Email: colin.veitch@eurocoincomponents.com

Colin is one of our major shareholder/Directors for the Eurocoin Group, joining the business full-time in 1984.

“It has been a real pleasure working with our sales, marketing and business development teams, as we have successfully grown and diversified the company into one of Europe’s leading component suppliers.”


Garry Holland

Joint CEO – Eurocoin GmbH

Location: Munich, Germany

Email: garry.holland@eurocoin.co.uk

Garry is Director Of Operations based in Eurocoins Munich Head office. He has been involved with self-service hardware for over 30 years and with Eurocoin 22 years, previously managing the company’s UK sales and new product development. He is a leading specialist in Automated Transaction Self Service Terminal hardware and Display / touch Technologies.


Steve Smith

European Sales Director

Location: UK

Email: steve.smith@eurocoincomponents.com

Steve our European Sales Director joined Eurocoin in 1991 specialising in growing the European business through hardware development and client interaction has overseen the dramatic increase in the company’s growth year on year.


Richard Langston

Purchasing Director

Location: UK

Email: richard.langston@eurocoincomponents.com

Richard is the Purchasing Director having joined the business in 1995. Helping the company to streamline purchasing efficiencies and developing procurement strategies aimed at supplier optimization and relationship building.

Sales & Marketing – Europe


Nathalie Redon

Divisional Sales Manager

Location: UK

Email: nathalie.redon@eurocoincomponents.com

Nathalie is a Divisional Sales Manager, she joined Eurocoin team in 1997. She is heading the gaming operator division and managing sales for OEM companies in non gaming sectors in Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Northern Africa.


Alistair Gillon

Sales Manager

Location: Poland

Email: alistair.gillon@eurocoincomponents.com

Alistair is our Sales Manager for Northern Europe countries. He joined Eurocoin in 2015 and has helped to establish and grow the company’s presence across the region to both the gaming and non gaming sectors. He lives in Poland and regularly travels across Northern European countries to meet with our clients.


Jan Kucera

Field Sales Engineer

Location: Vysoké Mýto, Czech Republic

Email: jan.kucera@eurocoincomponents.com

Jan is our Field Sales Engineer with almost 20 years experience in electronics components. His specialization is TFT displays, Touch sensors & Embedded computing. He manages business in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.


Cezary Dąbrowski

Field Sales Engineer

Location: Poland

Email: cezary.dabrowski@eurocoincomponents.com

Cezary is our Field Sales Engineer with 20 years experience in consumer and industrial electronics components. He manages businesses in countries such as Poland , Ukraine and Baltic countries.


Sirin Abusalha

Marketing Manager

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Email: sirin.abusalha@eurocoincomponents.com

Sirin joined Eurocoin in 2021 as a Marketing Manager. She is responsible for the marketing activities as she directs social media, branding, advertising and website development.

Niki bw

Nikolett Szabo

Business and Market Researcher

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Email: nikolett.szabo@eurocoincomponents.com

Nikolett joined Eurocoin in 2022 as a Business and Market Researcher. She holds a Master’s Degree in International and European Administration. Nikolett has been engaging in the business development and marketing fields for several organisations and brings significant experience to the role.

Customer Service – Europe


Maria Rosaria Parisi

Regional Commercial Manager

Location: Bologna, Italy

Email: mariarosaria.parisi@eurocoincomponents.com

Rose is our Regional Commercial Manager and a key member of our Customer Service team. She joined the company in 2010 and manages sales and after-sales service for our Italian clients, plus supports our new business development.


Roger Atkinson

Customer Services Manager

Location: Haar, Germany

Email: roger.atkinson@eurocoincomponents.com

Roger is our Customer Services Manager; he joined Eurocoin in 1992. His Role within the company is to run the Customer Services Administration Team.


Jana Haskova

Customer Service

Location: Vysoké Mýto, Czech Republic

Email: jana.haskova@eurocoincomponents.com

Jana is responsible for our regional Customer Service, providing support for our Sales Team and customer base. She joined Eurocoin in 2018, but she has been working in this industry since 1993 . She ensures efficient progress on all product back-orders through shipment to invoicing.

Product Development – Europe


Gary Parkin

New Product Development

Location: UK

Email:  gary.parkin@eurocoincomponents.com

Gary is responsible for New Product Development and has been working with the Eurocoin Team since 2002 with roles including, Product/Project Management and Technical Sales, having responsibilities for development, integration and support of key products. Specialist role with Ticket Printers in the Casino, Gaming Lottery and Industrial/Retail sectors since 2004.


Daniel Istvánffy

Operations Manager Hungary

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Email: daniel.istvanffy@eurocoincomponents.com

Daniel manages the day-to-day operations of Eurocoin’s Hungarian site; he joined Eurocoin in 2018. His main responsibilities include managing our TFT display production in Hungary and our after-sales service and repair department.


Regina Nagy

Design Engineer

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Email: regina.nagy@eurocoincomponents.com

Regina is a Design Engineer, part of the Eurocoin team since 2021. She is responsible for developing ideas for new display solutions, creating prototypes using CAD tools and preparing product documentation.

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