Phone Chargers

Eurocoin is the European and Canadian Distributor for Sit N Charge phone chargers. Sit N Charge are the leading providers of high-speed USB phone charging hardware specifically designed for the casino, bar, hotel, restaurant and hospitality sectors. Our team has extensive experience in supplying, installing and supporting this equipment which will enhance the customer experience in all of your venues. Find out more here

smart puck II phone charger

Sit N Charge Smart Puck II

The new Smart Puck II features USB Type C and USB Type A ports that can charge two mobile phones and tablets simultaneously

  • Modular puck supplied with 3′ (91.4cm) cable
  • Pucks mount under bar or table where clients sit
  • Blue plastic trim attracts customers
  • Connects to our QC3 charging hub

QC3 108 Watt 6-port Hub

The QC3 6-port hub powers any of the QC3 USB chargers supplied by Sit N Charge. Each of the 6 ports features its own transformer, delivering 100% of 18 watts to each Smart Puck. This ensures customer phones are charged quickly and efficiently.

  • Powers 6 separate phone chargers from a single mains power source
  • Works with Smart Pucks and Lock Barrel chargers
  • 108 Watts delivers rapid phone & tablet charging
  • New locking bar feature prevents any cables being accidently disconnected
QC3 6-port hub 108 watt
USB lock barrel charger

QC3 USB Threaded Barrel Lock Charger

Our QC3 threaded barrel lock phone charger features a USB Type A socket. It is designed to fit into standard D-lock holes on most slot machines, but equally can be used on kiosks, bars and furniture. It may be powered from our QC3 6-port hub, or be connected directly to a mains socket with our range of accessories.

  • Blue LED around female USB A socket
  • Supplied with 3 foot or 6 foot cable
  • Rapid charging for your customers
  • Charges phones, tablets, air pods etc.

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