What are the Benefits of Smart Healthcare?

Article courtesy of Avalue.

The term “smart healthcare” can apply to a plethora of products in the market, from a tiny biochip and wearable device to a large diagnostic machine. But what is smart healthcare, and what kind of changes can we expect from smart healthcare…?

Remember Nokia’s memorable tagline “human technology”? Eurocoin Components’ partner, Avalue Technology – a veteran in the healthcare solution provider market – believes there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” healthcare solution; only a healthcare system designed from the patient’s perspective can provide a new approach to patient care. Avalue smart healthcare’s unique value lies in its efforts to turn cold and unfeeling medical equipment into a caring experience that touches the hearts of patients and healthcare personnel alike.

With increased demand for healthcare, problems in the existing healthcare system are gradually surfacing. While there have been vast advances in medical technology, shortage of healthcare workers and unequal distribution of resources have become a perplexing reality. Addressing deficiency in the existing healthcare system, Avalue’s new smart healthcare is the silver lining:

Connecting stations in the hospital to keep track of patient progress
To revamp the treatment process and increase patients’ satisfaction, there must first be seamless link-up in the healthcare or administrative process, enabling fast and accurate patient experience. Taking the Avalue Queue Management System Solution as an example: imagine being able to use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on the outpatient registration machine and find out your queue progress, giving you time to leisurely drink coffee, reply to work emails and get updates at all times right from the moment you step into the hospital, register and report to various stations for checkups. With this fast and convenient solution, patients no longer need to wait miserably in a crowded hospital. Patients’ medical record and test results are also updated in real time at every station, saving unnecessary waiting time. With real-time access to patients’ medical records and test results, doctors and nurses can provide the fastest and most accurate medical treatment, increasing patient volume, treatment quality and patients’ satisfaction, and thus boosting hospitals’ revenue and operational efficiency.

Comprehensive hardware/software integration and one-stop service
The most crucial link in the healthcare system solution is hardware/software integration, i.e. the realization of smart healthcare information system integration service. Unlike the past where each medical machine is seen as a single function, the hospital must be treated as an integrated scenario, connecting and forming a complete set of automated healthcare systems so as to enable a smoother process, better administration and lessening the burden on healthcare manpower.

As each medical institution may have its own culture and local uniqueness, or existing management model, Avalue smart healthcare solution can be customized to meet individual requirements. Medical institutions can benefit from having a platform that leverages the advantages of technology and an automated healthcare system, and high quality and complete medical data for future analysis. This will free up healthcare workers’ time to pay more attention to caring for their patients. Smart healthcare also provides benefits such as a paperless environment and indoor real-time location monitoring for medical supplies/healthcare equipment. Furthermore, Avalue’s one-stop service provides a single window for all your problems, demonstrating its commitment and strength as a system integrator.

Avalue’s healthcare system solution which focuses on smart ward solution and nursing station solution, including bedside terminal, E Ink series bedside card/note, room status display, real-time location service, mobile nursing station and smart drug picking system, is introduced in this article.

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