Your customers will love being able to sit and charge their phones in your pub, bar or restaurant!

This proven technology is now available across Canada from Eurocoin and is already creating really positive feedback from our clients. Here’s the latest update from Nick Coates, General Manager of the Dickens Pub in Sidney, B.C. after the first week of having SitNCharge live in their pub:

We recently had Eurocoin Components Inc. install multiple SitNCharge phone charging stations around our pub. These mini charging “pucks” allow our customers to conveniently charge their evermore important devices while sitting at the bar enjoying their favourite pint or a delicious meal. 

In the short time we’ve had them, our staff and customers have given us great feed back on the convenience! And from our observations, it provides a reason for our customers to stay a little bit longer which means they can have another of their favourite beverages!

Thanks for the feedback, Nick! It’s great to hear that the business is benefitting from allowing your valued customers to sit and charge at your bar area.

The SitNCharge range has been successfully installed in thousands of locations in the hospitality, hotel and casino business sectors. The products are safe, secure and provide high-speed charging for iPhone and Android phones and tablets without giving your customers access to mains voltage sockets. PLUS your customers sit and charge their own phones, so that your hard-working bar staff do not have to take responsibility for these devices at all…

Download our latest information sheet here or email us for fuller details and a quotation for your venue