The famous Peacock Billiards venue in downtown Victoria, BC, has just added the SitNCharge range to its bar areas and has reported a hugely positive response from its pool room and bistro customers!

Founded by David Peacock in 1981, Peacock Billiards launched the modern, upscale billiard room and instantly raised customer expectations for pool halls across North America. The current venue on Douglas Street in Victoria was opened in 2007 and was crowned Best Pool Hall in North America Billiards Digest. The focus on providing excellent service has never lapsed and the recent addition of professional phone charging hardware from our SitNCharge range has, once again, been very popular with the Peacock Billiard players and guests.

Our SitNCharge installation is running great!” confirmed General Manager Jonathan Lang. “Our customers are now able to sit up at our bars and charge their phones quickly and safely, while enjoying a drink and chatting with their friends. We have charging cables available here for all models of mobile phones, so everyone is very happy!

Peacock Billiards and its James Joyce Bistro are very popular venues for groups of friends and families in the heart of Victoria. Installing our proven phone charging hardware has, once again, confirmed to all the Peacock guests that they are highly valued and are very welcome to stay, play, sit and charge!

Like to add SitNCharge to your own bar area or venue? Just contact us here for more details!