Bill Acceptors

Eurocoin is the European Distributor for JCM bill acceptors. JCM is a world leading manufacturer of note handling hardware with options for Bill Acceptance / Recycling and Dispensing. Our team has all the expertise required to recommend the correct solution for your requirements, maximising performance and customer experience.



The EBA-40 allows plug & play upgrade from the EBA-3x series, one of the most widely used bill acceptors in its class in Europe. The state-of-the-art sensor technology with 8 wavelengths of LEDs captures 10 times more precise data compared to EBA-3x, providing the best security against counterfeits.

  • Plug & Play upgrade from EBA-3x
  • State-of-the-art sensing technology
  • Industry’s best anti-phishing mechanism
  • Optional barcode sensor


iPRO is the secure and flexible way to increased profitability because it comes with one of the most sophisticated sensing and anti-stringing packages we have ever created. iPRO’s modular design means it can quickly and easily replace an existing UBA head for instant improved performance.

  • 100% compatible as UBA “plug-and-play” upgrade
  • Sealed bill path for dust, liquid & light protection
  • 7 wavelength optical and magnetic sensors
  • Dual exit sensors with anti-stringing drum device
JCM iVizion


The award-winning iVIZION is the Foundation of Intelligent Validation™ and sees better, thinks smarter and runs faster than any bill validator in its class. It is the perfect solution for all full-featured types of automated transaction applications, including bill pay and self-checkout kiosks, gaming devices, parking and more.

  • Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology
  • Optical and mechanical anti-stringing
  • Two high-speed processors
  • Self-calibrating


Meticulously designed for modern business environments, the UBA Pro’s improved design delivers better performance including faster note-to-note acceptance, low cost of ownership and reduced service and repair downtime.

  • Dust and liquid resistant design
  • Faster note-to-note speed
  • 2 or 4 way barcode reader
  • Centering mechanism
JCM Vega RC Series


VEGA™ is the new global standard for AWP and payment terminals. Fully featured and lower cost, VEGA is a complete validator with a lockable, removable cash box, diversified options and an optional super compact single or twin bill recyclers. It’s perfect for you and for your customers.

  • Different bezel options
  • Cash box access front and rear
  • Two different recyclers
  • Cash box with 300 notes (optional 1000)

JCM TBV – Transactional Bill Validator

At processing speeds of 1.7 seconds for fixed width notes, TBV has proven advanced technology that provides the highest level of counterfeit detection. Perfect for self-pay kiosk operations, retail safes, ticketing/transit operations and automated deposit.

  • Bulk note feeder accepts 50 banknotes at a time
  • 2,000 Note Cash Box
  • Sealed Bill Path
  • Extended product lifespan
JCM TBV – Transactional Bill Validator

RDM Retail Deposit Module

Perfect for financial deposit, intelligent safe deposit, and behind-the-counter applications, the RDM-100’s full width image scanning allows for superior banknote validation, dye stain note detection and serial number reading.

  • Secure deposits 6 notes per second
  • 250-note feed capacity
  • High acceptance – dye stain detection
  • Highly reliable transport path

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